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We believe in creating comforting experiences, inspired by vibrant cultures and authenticity from around the world. We craft artisanal ice cream that deliver a sense of familiarity and childhood nostalgia with every scoop. It’s authentic flavours that bring happiness, its unexpected combinations that offer a sense of home, its unique cuisine that gives you vibrant feelings. With the word Araw representing both Sun and Day, in Filipino, we take you places with a new kind of ice cream that allows everyone to escape.

Come on an escape

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Taste the

We bring a taste of all corners of the world with every scoop, through its unique mix of authentic flavours and decadent textures. The flavours are inspired by culture and traditions that represent the diversity of our globe, inviting a feeling of inclusivity throughout our shop. As we celebrate the diversity of every country, we keep every tub tasty, simple and real. 
We say authentic flavours start with simple and real ingredients. That’s why all of our ice creams are made with natural, wholesome and thoughtfully sourced ingredients; no shortcuts, preservatives, artificial flavours or any nasties.

Less is more

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Meet our Founder


Ice cream has long been associated with feelings of comfort and moments of happiness. It’s a simple pleasure, but when indulged you always feel great. That’s because a tub of ice cream often acts as a big, warm hug of cozy memories.


In the mist of the Covid-19 pandemic, I’m guilty of using ice cream as a source of comfort and joy. But with most ice cream shops in London were closed, I had to settle for basic flavours that didn’t bring me home. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, were simply not the flavours of my Asian upbringing. I started to crave both old and new flavours that offered unexpected combinations and the opportunity to escape.

Enter, Araw. I launched my own small batch artisanal ice cream brand with the goal to allow people to travel back home or anywhere they care to escape. My journey in flavour and food goes back to my childhood where I learned all about wholesome cooking in my grandmother's kitchen. Some of my oldest memories include morning walks to the market, where my Lola shared secrets about freshness when choosing ingredients.

Today, because of my Lola, I embrace simple and natural ingredients, while Araw offers an experience through ice cream that delivers a taste of escape in every tub. To get there, I plug the freshest ingredients and combine the most unexpected of flavours. With flavours that highlight the culture and traditions of the world followed by the magic of my childhood kitchen, the result is comforting experiences.

It’s not without lots of joy and passion that I craft every Araw flavour, while every tub was created to bring happiness and a daily escape — welcome! Love, Keziah xx

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